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CSCA - Announcement from the Executive Committee

On January 15, 2021, the Executive Committee voted to freeze the rotation of elected officers to the EC for one year. The EC recognizes that CSCA has gone through an extraordinary period and continues to encounter unusual circumstances. Our consensus is that a continuity of leadership is vital to best meet ongoing challenges.  

This would mean that there would not be officer elections in 2021 but elections would resume in 2022. As First Vice President, Deb Ford has agreed to plan the 2022 convention in Madison, WI. The officers-elect support this decision. This would not affect appointed officers or Interest Group officers.  

Alberto González, President
Debra J. Ford, First Vice President
Ahmet Atay, Second Vice President
Chad McBride, Immediate Past President
Tiffany R. Wang, Executive Director
Patric Spence, Editor, Communication Studies
Deanna D. Sellnow, Editor, Journal of Communication Pedagogy
Donald Ritzenhein, Finance Committee Chair
Allison Thorson, Member-at-Large
Adam Tyma, Member-at-Large
Anna Wright, States Advisory Council Chair


Katherine Denker, Second Vice President-Elect 
Stephanie Young, Member-at-Large-Elect

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