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CSCA Election Results

Dear CSCA colleagues,

As the executive board member who is charged with facilitating the election process for the association, it is my pleasure to announce this year’s results. Please join me in congratulating Chad McBride of Creighton University and Joy L. Daggs of Northwest Missouri State University on being elected to the CSCA Executive Committee.

Chad has been elected as the organization’s Second Vice President, meaning he will plan short courses for the 2018 convention and then the full convention in 2019. He will then serve as President in 2020—also planning the undergraduate honors conference—and finish up as Past President in 2021. He comes with a variety of experiences that have prepared him for the position, including numerous CSCA service positions, chairing his department, and serving as the President for the Organization for the Study of Communication, Language, and Gender. He also maintains an interesting and productive research program and deeply values teaching and learning.

Joy has been elected as Member at Large. In this role, she will offer insights at executive committee meetings for two years and receive full voting rights. She will also serve on other committees and assist with CSCA’s numerous projects and initiatives. The Member at Large position involves bringing in perspectives from across the diverse CSCA membership, and Joy—with all of her many service roles to CSCA—has developed quite the network to do just that. In addition to offering her leadership skills to many CSCA units, she also regularly presents research or participates in discussion panels at annual conventions. Her commitment to teaching and learning, which is even a big part of her scholarship, will certainly be valuable to CSCA.

Both of the newly-elected officers will begin their terms as the second business meeting of the 2017 annual convention.

The three proposed amendments to the CSCA constitution have also been approved by the membership, meaning they are now an official part of our governing document. An updated governance document will be posted to the website within the next week or so.

Finally, a big thank you to David Wendt of Keokuk High School who chaired the Nominating Committee. He and his committee’s good work ensured that we had quality candidates for the ballot. Everyone who ran for office is also to be commended. Often CSCA members remark about the difficult decisions they have to make when choosing between candidates in our elections, and that is because so many of the folks who agree to be placed on the ballot are talented, committed, and generous. Thank you so much for offering your services!


Jimmie Manning
CSCA Executive Director

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