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Important Note about Conference Technology for CSCA 2018

Dear CSCA Colleagues: 

It is with saddest regrets that I must inform you that our technology director, Heather McLaughlin, has informed us that she will not be able to attend this year's convention. Unfortunately, her father is in hospice and has been given only a few days to live. Please join me in sending our thoughts and deepest condolences to Heather and her family. 

As many of you know from seeing her in action over the past few years, Heather sets up and maintains all technology for presentation rooms during the conference. Consequently, her absence means that we have to make some necessary adjustments. CSCA is quite fortunate in that, unlike other regional conferences, we have had technology in virtually every presentation room over the past few years. That simply will not be the case this year. As such, we ask you to work with us as we implement the following technology plan for CSCA 2018: 

  1. We plan to have a projector and screens available in the following rooms:

    Kilbourn, MacArthur, Miller, Mitchell, Oak, Usinger, Walker, Wright A, Wright B
    Each of these will be equipped with a standard connection cord for a PC.

  2. We plan to have speakers available for the following rooms:

    Oak, Kilbourn, Miller, Walker, Wright B, Wright C

    Two other speakers will be available for checkout at the registration desk on a first come, first served basis. We strongly suggest that you bring speakers if sound is essential to your presentation.

  3. We kindly ask that you leave all technology as you found it. This year we will not be able to have anyone monitoring the systems to ensure that they are reset between sessions. Please turn off all projectors and return screens to their original positions if moved.

  4. Please note that if the projector or other technology does not work when you arrive, you will have to adjust and move forward with the session. We will not have an on-site tech person to help with any difficulties. Have a Plan B in place in case the technology is not working. If you are feeling especially cautious, you might bring handouts.

Again, we regret that we cannot promise technology in every room as usual, but hotel technology costs and limited person power and expertise make this plan the best we can accommodate. Please also consider that many people are rearranging their schedules and driving long distances just to make the above happen. We are doing the best we can in this situation, and we appreciate all of your positive support. 


Jimmie Manning
CSCA Executive Director

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