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CSCA 2019 Pre-Conference

Teaching Communication with Global Mindfulness


The pre-convention theme for the 2019 CSCA Convention in Omaha is Teaching Communication with Global Mindfulness

Communication Studies pedagogy is being transformed by a variety of factors, including globalization. More and more, the traditional national - international binary holds less meaning. 

With the increasing options for mediated communication and the increasing inter-connections among economic, political, and cultural products and meanings, the need to understand communication within a global context becomes more vital. In addition, many members have talked to me about taking students outside of the U.S. and they describe the experiences of students who lack the preparation to encounter an environment that is new to them with curiosity and enthusiasm. 

Many who teach communication ask the following question: How do we responsibly broaden our content, examples, and class activities to include communication from a greater variety of cultures and regions? The pre-conference will address the objective of developing a global mindfulness in the teaching of communication broadly considered. The pre-conference sessions will be relevant to those who teach courses in interpersonal communication, communication theory, rhetoric, public speaking, health communication, media communication, and other topics. 

Alberto Gonzalez is a Professor of Communication at Bowling Green State University. 

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