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CSCA 2019 Convention - Argumentation & Forensic IG Reminder

Hello, Argumentation & Forensics Unit Members! 

The deadline for submitting to CSCA 2019 is quickly approaching! As you all should be aware by now, CSCA is using a new online submission process this year, so this email is just to try for one, final push to generate submissions for panels and paper presentations. If you are interesting in participating in the conference, please think about submitting a presentation/panel idea to our group! Proposals are due Oct 10! 

Due to CSCA coinciding with AFA in the spring, we are experimenting with and encouraging various presentation formats this year as well. So please feel free to submit any and all ideas you might have for creative, collaborative presentations you think would be interesting to see in our group and could generate greater and more diverse dialogue. 

The call for this year’s conference is again posted below for your ease of access. We hope to see many of you (whether in face-to-face or through mediated modes!) at CSCA 2019 in Omaha!! 

Best regards,

Ben Davis
Argumentation and Forensics Interest Group 

CALL for Presentations/Panels/Proposals:

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