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CSCA 2019 Convention - Media Studies Interest Group ... Program First Draft Available

Dear Media Studies Interest Group Members:

The first draft of the program is now available at the following link:

Please review the program to see if there are any unresolvable conflicts in your schedule, such as being slotted for two panels at the same time. If there are, please let Chad McBride and Chad Edwards know so that they may address these issues. One problem they have already identified that you should pay particular attention to is that not everyone has updated their profiles. If your profile is not correct, you can make these changes in the system. Other than this review, please note the days/times/locations of your presentations, meetings, and events.

I look forward to seeing you in Omaha in April!

Thank you,

Jennifer C. Dunn
Media Studies Interest Group Chair and Program Planner, 2018

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