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CSCA 2019 Convention - Travel to Omaha

Hi CSCA Members/Attendees:

You may have seen on the National News that we are experiencing major flooding in surrounding areas in the eastern parts of Nebraksa (and western Iowa and surrounding states).  We hope that the floods are cresting now and things should be fine for the CSCA conference in a couple of weeks.

Even if there is more flooding, if you are flying into Omaha, there should not be any issues with landing at the airport or getting to the hotel.  (The hotel is a short 10 minute cab ride from the airport—and remember that the hotel offers free shuttles to and from the airport.)

If you are driving into Omaha, you should also be fine getting here in two weeks. However, especially if you are driving south (e.g., from Kansas City), I would check for any road closures.  Omaha is along the Missouri river, and I am not sure as flood waters recede what that will mean for our neighbors to the south.  

If you have any questions about your travel or getting into Omaha, please let me know.

Chad McBride
CSCA First Vice President

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