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CSCA 2019 Convention - Health Communication ... Three Notices

Hello everyone:

Please consider the following three notices: Business Meeting and 2018 Minutes, Call for Nominations, and Recommended Bylaws Amendment.

Notice 1: Business Meeting and 2018 Minutes

This is a reminder that the Business Meeting for the Health Communication Interest Group takes place on Friday, April 5, 4:30pm-5:45pm, in the Wyoming Room.

We will announce awards, report on this year’s program, elect new officers, discuss suggested panels for next year, among other items.

A copy of the minutes from the 2018 Business Meeting is available here . These will be submitted for approval in this year’s meeting.

Notice 2: Call for Nominations

I hereby issue a call for nominations for the following two positions:

  • Vice-Chair Elect (Program Planner, Cincinnati 2021)
  • Secretary (2020-2021)

Per the Bylaws, nominations may be sent via email to the Vice-Chair ( to be presented at the Business meeting. Nominations may also be made verbally on the floor at a designated time during the Meeting.

Voting will take place during the Business Meeting.

Length of Term

1) Each officer will serve a one-year term.

2) Vice-Chair will serve one year as Vice-Chair, one year as Chair, and one year as Chair of P.R. Committee.

Vice-Chair Elect

Presides at interest group meetings in the absence of the Chair; is responsible for revisions of bylaws; assists the Chair; works with Secretary on matters of concern to the Chair; serves as paper reader in first year of office; creates a Spotlight Panel in first year of office in coordination with Chair (to be clear, this year’s Vice-Chair Elect will create this panel for the 2020 convention and the panel usually focuses on an area of interest that the Vice-Chair has; the panel will not go through the review process); assumes the position of Vice-Chair (Program Planner) at a designated time during the 2020 Business Meeting in Chicago; plans the program for the interest group for CSCA 2021 in Cincinnati; assumes the role of Chair at a designated time during the annual business meeting in the second year (2021).


Will assume the role of secretary at the Business Meeting in Chicago in 2020; records minutes of each interest group meeting and distributes minutes to membership via email (and on web in coordination with CSCA office) by June 30th (2020); presides at any meeting in the event both the Chair and Vice-Chair are absent; works with Chair in creating the newsletter; contacts CSCA office (Executive Director and Office Staff) to obtain membership list, and then sends list, newsletter (to include minutes) by February 15th (2021) to membership for upcoming annual meeting via email and have materials posted to website; distributes any correspondence sent from the Chair; prepares any historical documents and ask that they be posted to the website via CSCA office e.g. a list of all panels and presenters of the Interest Group from the annual convention, list of members for that particular year, list of all offices and officers, minutes of meetings; photographs and any other written materials of interest.

Notice 3: Bylaws Amendment

I propose an amendment to Article VIII(a). (Rewards and Recognitions) of the Bylaws for the interest group. Discussion of the proposed amendment will take place during the Business Meeting.

Current article:

  1. a) Awards/Recognition may be given to top paper and top panel as ranked by the readers.


The Bylaws only name two awards: Top Paper and Top Panel. However, in recent years, the Group has been awarding Top Paper, Top Student Paper, and Top Panel. Those distinctions need to be recorded in the Bylaws.

Also, there is no statement regarding the monetary gifts to accompany any recognitions. Recommendations for monetary gifts have been communicated informally from one Vice-Chair to the next and decisions have been made at the discretion of the Vice-Chair. In recent years, the monetary gifts provided to the winners of awards have varied. In some instances, the Top Panel is provided with a $50 gift, in others none. In some instances, the Top Student Panel is awarded, but no gifts are provided to the Top Paper or the Top Panel. A clear monetary gift stipulation needs to be provided as a guide for future Vice-Chairs. The CSCA Executive Committee allocates $100 to each interest group each year for these recognitions.

Recommended Amendment:

Awards/Recognition must be given to the Top Paper, Top Student Paper, and the Top Panel. Recommended monetary gifts are as follows: Top Paper ($50), Top Student Paper ($50), and the Top Panel ($0). In the event that the Top Student Paper is the Top Paper, the student will receive the combined amount, totallying $100.

For more information, here’s a link to the Group’s Bylaws:

Kallia Wright, Ph.D.
Program Planner (Vice-Chair)
Health Communication Interest Group, CSCA 2019

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