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April 2019 CSCA Scholarship Supplement

Greetings CSCA Membership!

Welcome back from another fabulous conference! In this issue of the scholarship supplement, I would like to continue the dialogue from last weekend in Omaha. You will find three spotlight essays featuring articles that were on the short list for the 2018 Communication Studies article of the year:

  1. Boren, J. P., & McPherson, M. B. (2018). Is coming out in the classroom still an occupational hazard? A replication of Russ, Simonds, and Hunt (2002). Communication Studies, 69, 242-250.
  2. Zenovich, J.A. & Cooks, L. (2018). A feminist postsocialist approach to the intercultural communication of rape at the ICTY. Communication Studies, 69 (4), 404-420.
  3. Li, Y., Samp, J. A., Coles Cone, V. B., Mercer Kollar, L. M., DiClemente, R. J., & Monahan, J. L. (2018). African American women’s language use in response to male partners’ condom negotiation tactics. Communication Studies, 69(1), 67-84.

Li et al. (2018) was recognized as the Communication Studies article of the year at the 2019 business meeting and awards ceremony.

The supplement also features two book reviews:

  1. Hample, D. (2017). Interpersonal Arguing. Peter Lang.
  2. Lindemann, K. (2018). Composing Research, Communicating Results: Writing the Communication Research Paper. John Wiley & Sons.

And finally, see our call for book reviewers for the fall 2019 supplement.

April 2019 CSCA Scholarship Supplement

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Sara Baker Bailey
Scholarship Supplement editor

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