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Intercultural Interest Group September 2008 Newsletter

  2009 Saint Louis, MO
March 31-April 5, 2009

Convention Theme

Conversations about Connections:

Gateway to Communication at the "Heart of it All"

Intercultural Communication Educators, Practitioners, Scholars, and/or Students:

How are you? Hope your semester/quarter has started (is about to start) smoothly.

This is our third newsletter!!! 

In this newsletter, I am going to:

  • briefly remind you of the deadline for paper and panel proposal submissions,
  • update on recent developments on possible panel topics (WI, 2008),
  • discuss ways to increase our interest group's visibility at 2009 CSCA convention and ask for your suggestions, and
  • encourage you to volunteer for reviewing papers and panel proposals.

"Brief" Reminder

The deadline for submitting papers and panel proposals-October 1-is approaching!!! I continue to encourage you to submit your work. Please email your paper(s)/panel proposal(s) to (Please follow the guideline provided in the call.) According to the most recent update, our interest group has "nine" panel slots.

New Developments

These are some ideas generated at our last meeting (WI, 2008).

  • Possible Links to St. Louis Community
  • Historical Documents
  • Cultural Performances of Local Communities (CSCA host cities)
  • History of the Interest Group
  • Perspectives from High-School Teachers
  • Open House: Historical Timeline of Intercultural Communication (CSCA)

A couple of members expressed interest in initiating, working on, and proposing panels on "History of the Interest Group" and "Perspectives from High-School Teachers." I avoid providing details as the panel proposals are at the preparation stage. However, I would like to share this information so that we try not duplicate panels with similar topics. The other topics (listed above) are also excellent ideas. Please let me know if you are interested in them. 

Our Visibility at CSCA: Opportunities beyond our Nine Panel Slots

I discussed this topic in the last newsletter a little bit. Since we have such good opportunities to increase our interest group's visibility at our 2009 CSCA convention, I would like to discuss this matter a bit further this time. Dr. Beck (2009 CSCA Convention Planner/First Vice-President) explains three ways (in addition to our provided slots) to do so. Three alternative panel formats are (1) Beginning Scholars Classes (formerly known as Master Classes), (2) Breakfast Nook Panels, and (3) Research Brainstorming Sessions.

(1) Beginning Scholars Classes (formerly known as Master Classes)

2009 CSCA convention will have space for eight Beginning Scholars Classes on our pre-conference day (Wednesday, April 1, 2009)-four from 12 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. and four from 4 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. Notably, the vision for these sessions remains the same from last year-giving an opportunity for beginning scholars to learn from established professionals in our discipline. The 2008 "instructors" included James W. Chesebro (Media Studies), Steve Duck (Interpersonal), Karlyn Kohrs Campbell (Rhetoric), and Patrice Buzzanell (Organizational), and they interacted with a "class" of around 10 beginning scholars. (CSCA defines "beginning" as graduate student through assistant professor.)

I would like some suggestions (nominations) from our interest group members in order to take advantage of this opportunity. I think it is a fabulous idea to have an established intercultural communication scholar from our region, representing our interest group at 2009 CSCA convention at this capacity and in this important way. I will contact nominated scholars and ask their availability and willingness to participate in a beginning scholars class as an "instructor."

In January, CSCA will publicize all of the Beginning Scholars Classes on the website and invite young scholars to register on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each class will be limited to the first eight people to register. Class members will be charged a nominal fee ($10) to cover the cost of refreshments and materials. They will also be asked to send a paper that represents their respective research interests to the instructor so that s/he can prepare for the class.

By scheduling the Beginning Scholars Classes on the pre-conference day, our interest group will not have to use an assigned panel slot in order to offer the class. Further, our interest group will not have to rely on its funds in order to cover the cost of refreshments, materials, etc.


(2) Breakfast Nook Panels


Our interest group can also propose panels for the special "breakfast nook" time slot-8-9:15 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. During this time slot, CSCA will feature three to six "spotlight" panels that could likely appeal to a large cross-section of our association (such as a movie screening, Lincoln-Douglas debate on a compelling topic, spotlight panel on an issue that could be explored from diverse perspectives, etc.). Dr. Beck strongly encourages each planning unit to propose ideas for programming that would fit with the theme and bring people together for a creative, fun, and valuable experience. If you have an idea for such a panel, please e-mail me. I will visit with Dr. Beck about whether or not it would work as a breakfast nook panel and how we can make it happen!! A breakfast nook panel would not count as one of our unit's assigned panel slots.


(3) Research Brainstorming Sessions

Dr. Beck also urges us to coordinate and sponsor Research Brainstorming Sessions. During such sessions, individuals will (ideally) visit about shared research interests and, perhaps, discuss ways of collaborating on projects. Logistic details are still under construction. However, Dr. Beck is saving a block of 10 panel spaces for Research Brainstorming Sessions. As with the Beginning Scholars Class and Breakfast Nook Panels, our interest group could propose a Research Brainstorming Session, and it will not count as one of our assigned panel slots!

I think that all of these are exciting opportunities in which our interest group can take part. Please send me your ideas, suggestions, and inputs. 


Volunteers for Reviewing

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have already volunteered to review our paper and panel proposal submissions. I would also like to take this opportunity to continue encouraging our members to volunteer for reviewing. I, along with other officers (Dr. Cheryl Nicholas and Ahmet Atay), have been working hard to raise the number of submissions (Newsletters, CRTNET, etc). I have already started receiving submissions. Exciting!!! Below, please find our timeline for the next couple of months for the review process. I hope this is helpful as you can plan ahead and make a decision to join our review process.

October 1: Paper/Panel Proposal Submission Due Date

October 3 (On or before): You will receive papers and/or panel proposals to review.

October 6 (On or Before): Confirmation Email (When you receive the submissions for reviewing, please reply to me and confirm. I understand that we are all busy. So, just type "confirm" and, please, email me back.)

October 17: I will send you a reminder about the approaching deadline. (If you'd rather not receive one, please let me know.)

October 22 (On or Before): The Deadline for Reviewing!!! Please be punctual. I have only a week to process and complete form"s" that are due to Dr. Beck-2009 Convention Planner-and on the 29th. Your timely response and cooperation are extremely appreciated.

Again, thank you very much for considering participating in our review process. I am looking forward to working with you all. I think our program is going to be great!!! I am really excited about our program. Please email me if you like to participate in our review process. I am looking forward to hearing from you.  

ALSO if you can volunteer chairing and responding, that would be great. Please email me.

Please let me know ways in which I can continue energizing our interest group and assisting your programs.

Satoshi Toyosaki, Ph.D.
Department of Speech Communication
Mail Code 6605
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
100 Lincoln Drive
Carbondale, Illinois 62901
(618) 453-4669


Chair/Program Planner

Intercultural Communication Interest Group

Central States Communication Association


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