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March 2009 Newsletter

Vol. 1, No. 2

March 2009

"Value Added"
e-Newsletter of the Rhetorical Theory and Criticism Interest Group

Central States Communication Association

Edited by John "Jack" A. Jones, University of Illinois at Chicago

Item 1. Excitement is in the air. St. Louis here we come. Yes, April 1 is approaching fast and so are new ideas, new and old friends, and new challenges.

First, mark your convention program. Support the Rhetorical Theory and Criticism Division's programs and business meeting.

Here's the list of our programs by number: 1112, 1212, 1312, 1401, 1412, 1512, 2104, 2212, 2504, 2612, 2706, 3312, 3405, 3512, and 3612.

Be sure to attend our business meeting (2706) on Friday, 5:30-6:30 in Field. New ideas! New officers! New members! New plans!  See you there.

Item 2.                                                                

"How to Get Published"

FYI: Potential opportunities for publishing in state communication journals.

As current editor of the CSCA Rhetorical Theory and Criticism newsletter, I have received reader queries about quality state journals in which to publish.  As a result, I conducted an informal national survey of seasoned journal authors and know the findings will interest you. According to the survey participants, the following journals sustain high standards, rigorously referee articles and do welcome out-of-state submissions.

1)    The Iowa Journal of Communication:

2)    The Atlantic Journal of Communication (official publication of the New Jersey Communication Association and the New York State Communication Journal). This journal is indexed in Communication and Mass Media Complete Database.

3)    Ohio Communication Journal.  Seeks "Debut papers from undergraduate and graduate students."

4)    The Florida Communication Journal "...encourage(s) the submission of student work, faculty student collaboration, scholarly pilot studies and book reviews."

5)    Communication and Theater Association of Minnesota Journal:

Two additional resources:

 (1) A list of state associations which includes journal information:

 (2) Knapp, M. L., & Daly, J.A. (2004).A Guide to Publishing in Scholarly

Communication Journals (3rd ed.). NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Publishers. An International Communication Association publication.

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