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August 2009 Newsletter

Vol. 1, No. 3
August 2009

"Value Added"

e-Newsletter of the Rhetorical Theory and Criticism Interest Group
Central States Communication Association

Edited by John "Jack" A. Jones, University of Illinois at Chicago

Item 1. Be sure to submit papers or panels by October 1 for the 2010 CSCA Convention. The clock is ticking. Please send submissions to Kristi Gerding Scholten our President. See submission requirements at the CSCA home page "Call."

Also note that volunteers are needed to evaluate submissions, serve as program chairs, or become program respondents.

Item 2. Cincinnati holds many adventures. Yes, you can get away from the convention for a few hours. Don't miss these highlights...

1. National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.
2. Harriet Beacher Stowe House.
3. The Creationist Museum.
4. Fort Ancient State Museum (archeological site of Hopewell Indians-100 B.C. - 500 A.D.

Item 3. Members interested in recommending "good reads" or outstanding textbooks related to our interests are invited to submit information for our next newsletter. Here's a strong recommendation: Lucas, S., & Medhurst, M. (Eds.).(2009). Words of a century: The top 100 American speeches. New York: Oxford University Press.

Item 3. Thought you would like to know. At NCA in Chicago on Friday, November 13, at 9:30 a.m. in the Madison Room, a panel of leading speechwriters will discuss their craft. Whether crisis communication, working relationships, energizing the speech in the speaker's style, or ethical considerations, these panelists have done it all. They have been speech writers for major political candidates, corporate executives, governors, mayors, and healthcare executives. The program is titled "Professional Speech Writing by Ghosts and Non-Ghosts...." For more information, contact me at

Item 4. Minutes for Business Meeting.

Central States Communication Association
Rhetorical Theory and Criticism Division

Business Meeting Notes from April 3, 2009

I. Opening

A. Stephanie Kelly Romano called to order.
B. Minutes approved.

II. State of the Conference

A. 35 paper submissions and 6 panel proposals
B. 12 slots to fill
C. 28 competitive papers accepted
D. 4 panels accepted
E. 2 panels co-sponsored
F. Top papers

1. Top Paper awarded to Michelle L. Kelsey from Arizona State University for "Reconfiguring the in the same-sex movement."
2. Brianne Berogan from Illinois State University for "The World on Fire: Looking at the concept of hegemony through songs of Sarah McLachlan."

III. Officers

A. Ryan Shepard was elected Secretary
B. Kristi Gerding Scholten is the new President and John "Jack" Jones the new Vice President

IV. The Division Newsletter

A. Jack created a Division newsletter.
B. He was asked to continue editing the news letter.

V. Old Business

A. Drafting a Constitution: Katie Hatfield reported that she will be working on this.
B. This year we did more with other Divisions.

VI. New Business-A Flow of Ideas

A. Need a mentoring connection-senior mentors.

1. Speed Dating
2. Teaching rhetorical criticism
3. Maybe a breakfast nook session on teach rhetorical criticism

B. Katie Hatfield intends to propose a faculty publishing panel for next year.
Let her know your interests.
C. Create a forum for undergraduate students to advance their careers.
D. Consider co-sponsoring panels with the Burke Division.
E. Encourage Western States members and Ohio State Association members to join CSCA's Rhetorical Theory and Criticism Division.
F. Change our name from "Interest Group" to "Division" to enhance our credibility.
G. Post a list of ideas from this Division on Crtnet.
H. Submit ideas for the most influential books and post these.
I. Make our scholarship connect with the non-scholar.
J. Proposed special events for next year:

1. Visit the Underground Railroad Museum.
2. Host a program on the human rights riots in Cincinnati
3. Host a program on the Anti Gay movement in Cincinnati
4. Visit the Creationism Museum
5. Sponsor a Happy Hour to be held immediately after the Business Meeting. Include in the newsletter. Include competition for the best drink.

K. Try to get Top Paper Panel and Business Meeting scheduled for the same day.

A special thanks to Stephanie Kelly Romano for planning this year's outstanding program.

**Send e-newsletter ideas, interesting events, topics to John "Jack" A. Jones, Editor, University of Illinois at Chicago,

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