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CSCA 2020 - Calling All Mentors

This year the Central States Communication Association will debut our new initiative, the Next Leaders Network, and we are hoping to have you get involved. The Next Leaders Network (NLN) is aimed at providing mentoring and resources to help build a more diverse group of future leaders in the field of Communication Studies and also for CSCA. We recognize that we would not have gotten as far without our mentors, but also that not all individuals have strong networks of mentors built into their academic programs or departments. Moreover, there are times when it is just helpful to have an outside perspective on topics happening at your institution. But where do you find those people? Hopefully, with your help, CSCA's NLN is the place.

If you are interested in making time to talk to a fellow scholar about the job search, how to find the best doctoral program for them, how to approach a grant application or even reviewer two, or even how to get started in the field, you might be a great mentor for the NLN.

Mentors can be in any stage of their career- as scholars at different stages might all be interested in finding a mentor. We do ask that volunteer mentors are committed to facilitating experiences that are free from all forms of harassment and are inclusive of all people.

Please take a moment and fill out the survey link here:

Please respond before the deadline of March 27th.

Also- If you are interested in being matched with a mentor, please join us for our social at CSCA this year, Thursday April 16th 3:30-4:45 in Avedon B. Be on the look out for a similar survey being shared through social media later in March!

Let us know if you have any questions,

Tiffany Wang and Kathy Denker

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