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CSCA March Scholarship Supplement

Greetings CSCA members,

I hope this email finds you as well as you can be during these challenging times. As we wrap up spring 2020, it is my pleasure to submit our first scholarship supplement of the year. I would encourage you to check out Amy Arellano’s creative spin on the standard book review.

My goal for the upcoming year is to publish two additional supplements. First, a special supplement honoring the life, legacy, and scholarship of James W. Chesebro. We are seeking contributions in the form of book reviews, essays, and other creative works. Please email me if you are interested in contributing to the special edition or have questions and/or suggestions about the upcoming publication.

Second, we are seeking book reviews and spotlight essays for the fall 2020 edition. I have suggested six books for upcoming review. Please consider reviewing one of the suggested books or reach out with suggestions of your own. I also encourage CSCA 2020 presenters to submit a spotlight essay highlighting their accepted work. Again, reach out if you have questions about how to contribute in the fall.

In Solidarity,

Sara Baker Bailey

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