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CSCA Executive Committee Statement in Opposition to Racist Violence

The Executive Committee of the Central States Communication Association condemns the police violence directed to Black persons in the U.S. and the excessive and violent force directed to protesters calling for racial justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and other Black people who died as a result of police misconduct.

CSCA recommits to the values of equity and inclusion and to the ongoing examination and change of practices that are inconsistent with these values. Recent events have taught us that having “goodwill” and working for “positive change” are not enough. We must be intentionally anti-racist.

While acknowledging that our members occupy different positions related to privilege and power, we call upon our members to adopt a critical orientation regarding institutions, their practices, and race. Also recognizing that oppressions are intersectional, we further call upon our members to work against the ways that historically marginalized identities are silenced.

Stay safe and healthy.

Alberto González, President
Debra J. Ford, First Vice President
Ahmet Atay, Second Vice President
Chad McBride, Immediate Past President
Chad C. Edwards, Executive Director
Tiffany R. Wang, Incoming Executive Director
Patric R. Spence, Editor, Communication Studies
Jeffrey T. Child, Finance Committee Chair
Allison Thorson, Member at Large
Adam Tyma, Member at Large
Anna Wright, States Advisory Council Chair

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