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CSCA 2021 Convention - Ethnicity, Race, International, and Class Concerns Caucus Call for Papers and Panels

 Ethnicity, Race, International & Class Concerns Caucus
 Call for Papers and Panels

Central States Communication Association (CSCA)
Annual Convention-Cincinnati, Ohio
March 23-28, 2021 


The Ethnicity, Race, International, and Class Concerns Caucus invites submissions of papers, panels, and creative/performance proposals that support issues related to identity concerns in all areas of CSCA members’ academic lives.  The convention theme, “Inspire,” provides an opportunity to focus not on problems in ethnic, racial, international, and class concerns relations, but on presentations that reflect inspiring ways of fostering connections, bridging existing barriers and of sharing inspiring pedagogical and instructional practices. Thought-provoking topic examples (meant only to spark thinking, not to set parameters) include: inspiring/inspirational critical narratives of navigating ethnic, racial, international, and class barriers; inspiring/inspirational ethnographies across minoritized identities; inspiring/inspirational ways of creating identification across ethnic, racial, international, and class lines; how to inspire unmotivated students who view diversity curricular requirements as a requirement to be reluctantly endured; inspiring/inspirational research on reducing inequality in youth outcomes, especially in terms of success in academic and economic outcomes; inspiring/inspirational stories/reports of social justice initiatives and achievements in ethnic, racial, international, and class relations; inspiring/inspirational theorization of intersectionality among ethnicity, race, internationalism, and class; and inspiring/inspirational reports of overcoming the language barriers in healthcare, such as with Covid-19 information and resources. Creative/ performance presentations could include monologues, dance, poetry, song, pantomime.  If creative/performance presentations are part of a panel, there should be only one creative act per panel and the performance should clearly illustrate the convention theme.


           Papers may employ any methodology chosen by the author, including qualitative, quantitative, rhetorical, critical, grounded theory, etc.  Paper length should be a maximum of 25 pages, excluding references, graphs, and illustrations. Submissions should include the title and a brief abstract.  Author(s’) name(s), institutional affiliation, and any identifying information should be omitted.   Student papers should contain the word STUDENT in the upper right corner of the title page and if this is a student’s first CSCA presentation, the term STUDENT DEBUT should be written in the upper right-hand corner of the title page. Only completed papers and complete descriptions of creative/performance presentations will be considered.

Panels/Round Table Discussion

          Panels/round table discussions should center on a common theme within the convention theme and explain the purpose of the panel/round table, as well as listing the names of all participants.  Having panel presenters from different institutions is encouraged. 


             All submissions should be made through CSCA’s online submission system.  The submission deadline is October 9, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. CDT.


              Inquiries should be made to Dorthy Pennington, ERIC Caucus chairperson, at      

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