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Communication Studies Editorial Team Appointments

Amy N. Heuman Dr. Amy N. Heuman is appointed to be the new Associate Editor (2022-2024) of Communication Studies. Dr. Heuman will primarily handle manuscripts with rhetorical, interpretive, and critical approaches. Terra Perrone and Ahmet Aksoy are the new editorial assistants of Communication Studies.

Dr. Amy N. Heuman's research centers on the role communication plays in cultural identity negotiations and performances of identity, intercultural relationships, and co-cultural group and dominant group interactions as well as how communication is utilized by community members to mobilize for social justice. She is keenly interested in the intersecting negotiations of race/ethnicity/class/gender/sexuality through humanistic research (qualitative, rhetorical, autoethnographic, and performative) methods.  She has published her research in outlets such as the Journal of International and Intercultural Communication, Journal of Intercultural Communication Research, Health Communication, Qualitative Research Reports in Communication, Journal of Latinos in Higher Education, Communication Teacher, and in edited works such as Working in the Margins, The Discourse of Special Populations, Public Memory, Race, and Ethnicity, and Whiteness, Pedagogy, and Performance: Displacing Race. Dr. Heuman serves on the editorial boards for the Southern Communication Journal and Communication Teacher and is an ad hoc reviewer for numerous journals.

Terra Perrone is the editorial assistant who supports the editorial team in this editorial transition. She is a second year Master's student in Communication Studies, whose interests lie in interpersonal communication, rhetoric and pop culture. Her manuscripts in progress are regarding fat talk in mother-daughter relationships and mental health rhetoric. 

Ahmet Aksoy (Doctoral Candidate, Texas Tech University) is the editorial assistant to the associate editor of the Communication Studies journal. His research examines cultural identity negotiations within inter/cultural communication by attending to the intersections of race, ethnicity, nationality, and religion.

Yuping Mao
Communication Studies Editor (2022-2024)

Communication Studies Aims and Scope and Reviewer Interest Form

Aims and Scope:

Communication Studies is committed to publishing high-quality original scholarship that examines significant aspects of diverse communication phenomena, processes, and outcomes. The journal publishes research reflective of the breadth of communication concentrations including interpersonal, small group, organizational, intercultural, international, health, media, performance, persuasion, political, public address, rhetorical, and digitally generated communication. Communication Studies welcomes submissions from established and emerging areas of research with various philosophical, theoretical, or methodological underpinnings (including socio-psychological, interpretive, and critical approaches as well as quantitative, qualitative, autoethnographic, performative, and rhetorical methods). Communication Studies is committed to publishing essays and reports of studies that make significant social and academic contributions to advance communication scholarship. Communication Studies supports research and writing free of sexism and other biases.

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Yuping Mao
Communication Studies Editor (2022-2024)

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