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CSCA Starts in One Week! Join us in the Political Communication Interest Group.

CSCA starts in one week! Register online today:

Greetings members of the political communication interest group,

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Madison at the end of March!

I wanted to send a reminder about registration while highlighting some of our events this conference.

Our interest group’s events kick off on Thursday 3/31 at 9:30 am with the panel “COVID-19 and its Impact on the 2020 Campaign.” Our business meeting is at 12:30 pm that day and will be followed by the Top Paper panel at 2 pm Thursday!

On Friday at 11 am there will be a distinguished scholars discussion panel entitled “The Future of Presidential Debates & Debate Research.” The day will end at 4:30 pm with an all-star panel entitled “Gender Dynamics in Political Communication in 2020 and Beyond.”

Saturday at 11 am will be the “Political Communication Interest Group Re-Connect Networking Session” which is a special session that every interest group is having this year. Immediately after that at 12:30 pm will be the “Spotlight Panel: Celebrating the 4th Annual Judith S. Trent Award for Early Career Excellence in Political Communication” where we will recognize this year’s Trent Award winner, Dr. Joshua Scacco, as well as the previous winners, Drs. Ryan Neville-Shepard, Kelly Winfrey, and Benjamin Warner. Saturday at 2 pm will feature another distinguished scholars panel “Political Communication and the 2022 U.S. Midterm Elections.”

That is just a glimpse into some of the events happening at CSCA in the Political Comm Interest Group! We have FIFTEEN total sessions from Thursday to Saturday! Hope to see you there!

Josh C. Bramlett, Ph.D.
Chair, Political Communication Interest Group

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