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CSCA 2023 Convention - Popular Culture Interest Group ... Call for Papers and Panels


Central States Communication Association (CSCA)
Annual Convention-St. Louis, Missouri
March 29 - April 2023
Intersections, Transitions, and Silenced Voices

The Popular Culture Interest Group invites submissions of papers, paper panels, discussion panels, and innovative programming for the 2023 Central States Communication Association convention in St. Louis, Missouri. The purpose of the Popular Culture Interest Group is to promote the interdisciplinary study of popular culture research, scholarship, and creativity. This year’s conference is themed “Intersections, Transitions, and Silenced Voices;” we intend to highlight work that focuses on empowering silenced voices and historically marginalized voices. Popular culture is a place where all people are able to investigate their identities. We will be celebrating all identities and scholarship that bolsters those voices and stories that are not traditionally found within academia. We encourage graduate students to submit their work. Preference for panels will be given to those with panelists representing multiple institutions rather than representing a single institution. Monetary awards will be given to the Top Faculty Paper and the Founders Award for Top Student Paper. 

Submission Requirements 

Papers: Only completed papers will be accepted. Please make sure to remove author(s) names and identifying information. Papers must include a title and brief abstract. Graduate students should type “STUDENT” on the upper right-hand corner of the title page. If the paper is a graduate student debut, please type “DEBUT STUDENT” in the upper right-hand corner of the title page. To be considered a graduate student debut paper: (a) the author must be a graduate student, (b) the paper must have single authorship, and (c) the paper must be the author’s first paper to be presented at CSCA. If you would like your paper to be considered for the Inclusive Scholarship Award, type “INCLUSIVE SCHOLARSHIP” in the upper right-hand corner of the title page. To be considered as an exemplar of inclusive scholarship, the paper must demonstrate academic rigor in the examination of communication and historically marginalized communities.

Panels: Paper panels and discussion panels both will be accepted. Paper panels should include (a) title, (b) panel chair, (c) respondent, (d) a 75-word description, (e) rationale of the panel (no more than 3,000 words), and (e) paper titles and abstracts from each of the panelists. We suggest at least four but no more than five panelists. Discussion panels should include (a) title, (b) chair to moderate the discussion, (c) names and affiliations of the panelists, (d) a 75-word description, and (e) rationale of the panel (no more than 3,000 words).  

Technology and Submission Deadline

All technology requests must be made at the time of submission. Submissions must be received by 11:59 PM, CDT, October 7, 2022. Send submissions electronically through our online system via the CSCA website.

Finally, we encourage submitters to create a profile on the CSCA convention website as this will make later steps in the process much easier. Membership is not required to create a profile. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the PCIG program planner, Nettie Brock at or at You also can locate us on Facebook at CSCA Popular Culture Interest Group; on Twitter and Instagram @PCIG_CSCA.

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