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CSCA Media Studies Interest Group Business Meeting

Hello, Media Studies Interest Group. Through a series of unfortunate events, none of your officers are going to be at the conference this year. We are going to hold our business meeting virtually, at its scheduled time: Saturday 4/6 at 9:30am. You can access it here:

We would appreciate if someone would be able to be present in the physical meeting room (Haldane) during the meeting time to facilitate attendance for anyone who may not get this email or may prefer to attend in person. Please let me know if you can do so:

We are very sorry to have caused this slight hiccup in our business meeting. But we will make this alternative version of the business meeting work as best as we can. 

Thank you,

Nettie Brock, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Communication, Media, & Languages
Morehead State University

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