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CSCA Faculty Learning Community

 CSCA Faculty Learning Community

The Central States Communication Association invites students/scholars who identify as Black, Indigeneous, and People of Color to participate in a Faculty Learning Community for 2022/2023.

Purpose: The CSCA Faculty Learning Community will engage Black, Indigeneous, and People of Color students/scholars in a curriculum program to help enhance teaching and research around a specific topic per calendar year. The FLC intends to help create a sense of community at CSCA for these scholars.

Theme for 2022/2023: Mental Health in Academia


  • Early Career Faculty members (within 5 years of their finishing degree).
  • Ph.D. Candidates seeking employment in academia.

Each participant will receive:

  • A professional development stipend which can be used at the participant's discretion (e.g., for conference registration, membership, lodging, and/or travel)

Participants commit to:

  • Attending 6 FLC sessions during the 2022/2023 year (all on Zoom)
    • Nov. 2022 (Sessions 1 & 2), Dec. 2022 (Session 3), Jan. 2023 (Session 4), Feb. 2023 (Session 5), and Mar. 2023 (Session 6 - pre-conference).
  • Showcasing your work created as part of the FLC on a CSCA 2023 panel.
  • Participating in/Attending 4 to 5 CSCA 2023 FLC panel sessions.


  • 300-500 word essay describing:
    • Why having a community of faculty of Black, Indigeneous, and People of Color would benefit your professional and personal development.
    • Why a focus on mental health in academia would benefit your professional and personal development.

Submission Deadline: Friday, September 30, 2022, by 11:59 pm (CDT).

Email essays and questions to: Dr. Kallia Wright, University of Miami ( and Dr. Ashley Hall, Illinois State University (

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