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CSCA 2021 Convention - Intercultural Communication Interest Group Call for Papers and Panels

Call for Papers and Panels

Central States Communication Association (CSCA)
Annual Convention-Cincinnati, Ohio
March 23-28, 2021


The Intercultural Communication Interest Group invites the submission of competitive papers, panels, roundtable discussions, and innovative programming for the 2021 CSCA convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. The purpose of the Intercultural Communication Interest Group is to promote the interests of faculty and students, as well as others, interested in examining intercultural communication research, theory, and pedagogy.

We welcome submissions that reflect upon, analyze, and critique the inspirations which shaped our contemporary intercultural landscape while also looking ahead as to what may inspire meaningful intercultural change across political, social, and educational settings, among others. A range of topics encompassing the significance between and among diverse U.S. and international constituencies, communities, and scholars and students, as well as intercultural pedagogy, mentorship, social justice, conflict, peace, and globalization are welcome. We especially encourage members to engage issues which highlight highly contested political climates locally and globally, as well as offer best teaching practices, and propose new directions in intercultural communication scholarship. We welcome a variety of research, including interpretive, critical, and social scientific approaches, as well as papers that apply, extend or develop theoretical approaches. Preference will be given to panels whose panelists represent multiple institutions rather than a single institution.

Awards: The Intercultural Communication Interest Group presents two awards with cash prizes: 1) top paper award and 2) top student paper award. The awards for top paper and top student paper will be recognized during the Intercultural Communication Business Meeting.

Guidelines for Submission 

Papers: Only completed papers will be accepted. Papers must include a title and a brief 100-word abstract. The word “Student” should be marked on all papers written by student authors. Student authored papers do not include those co-authored with faculty members. Individuals who have never presented a paper at the CSCA convention should write “Debut” in the upper right-hand corner of the title page. Author names and any identifying information must be removed prior to submission. 

Panels: All Panel Proposals need a title, a brief abstract and rationale (150 words), name of person responsible for the panel, as well as name, institutional affiliation, address, phone number, and e-mail address of each panel participant.

CSCA will utilize the online submission system. Details will be available on the CSCA website closer to the submission deadline. All submissions must be received by October 9, 2020 at 11:59 CDT.

Requests for technology/media for the presentation must be made at the time of submission. Please only request media if it is absolutely essential to your presentation, as media requests will be closely examined before approval. Laptop computers will not be made available for presentations. 

Only completed papers and panel proposals will be considered.

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