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CSCA Executive Director and 1st Vice President Greetings

Dear CSCA Friends and Colleagues,

Greetings from Sweet Home Alabama where I have been spending most of this summer at my kitchen table turned home office connecting with campus and disciplinary colleagues online. Hope your semester came to a successful close and that you are finding some time to recharge before we return back to campus in person and/or virtually this fall.

Today marks my first day as CSCA Executive Director and I am excited about what the future holds for our association community!

First, I want to thank past CSCA Executive Director Chad Edwards for his steadfast encouragement, support, and mentorship over the past year. I am grateful for the opportunity to help our organization grow stronger over the next four years.

Second, I want to say thank you to the following CSCA volunteers who have done a fantastic job working with Chad Edwards to take our association to new heights:

Sara Baker Bailey, Southern Connecticut State University: Scholarship Supplement Editor

Joy L. Daggs, Northwest Missouri State University: Exhibits Manager

Stephen A. Spates, Missouri State University: Newsletter Editor

Third, I am pleased to announce three new appointments to CSCA volunteer positions:

Sara Baker Bailey, Southern Connecticut State University: Newsletter & Scholarship Supplement Editor (Starting Fall 2020)

Kristina M. Scharp, University of Washington: Exhibits Manager (Starting Fall 2020)

Lindsey J. Thomas, Illinois State University: Technical Director (Starting Spring 2021)

Finally, I am excited to collaborate with CSCA First Vice President Debbie Ford on what is sure to be an inspiring convention. On a personal note, Debbie created a welcoming space for me the first time we met at CSCA 2012 during a stressful dissertation/job market year. I am confident she will continue to be an inspiring source of support as she works with our unit planners and members this year.

Although we are currently experiencing a great deal of uncertainty with COVID-19 and do not know what the future holds, I hope we will be able to pause, reflect, connect, reconnect, gather together, and create a similarly welcoming space for all of our members at CSCA 2021.

We look forward to receiving your inspired submissions starting today at:

The submission deadline is Friday, October 9th, at 11:59 CDT.


Tiffany R. Wang
CSCA Executive Director

Welcome to July!

I’m not quite sure how this happened, but somehow we are already half-way through the summer! I hope that this eBlast finds you and your families well. Hopefully you have been able to find a few days here and there to relax and recharge, or if not, that you will be able to soon.

First, on behalf of the Executive Committee I would like to welcome our new Executive Director, Tiffany Wang. Tiffany has been shadowing Chad Edwards for a year, and actively co-managing some of CSCA’s activities while Chad was focused on our organizational livelihood. She is off and running and already doing a wonderful job as Executive Director. CSCA has much to look forward to under her leadership in the coming years.

Second, our 2021 Inspire submissions opened today! Your planners have posted excellent unit calls on the CSCA website. Please submit your papers, panels, GIFT ideas, and short course ideas by October 9, 2020. October feels both like a year away and tomorrow, so begin planning now. We are looking forward to gathering together in Cincinnati in 2021. However, please know that Tiffany and I are carefully taking into consideration the COVID-data moving target, as well as monitoring schools that announce restricted travel and budgets. We will keep you posted about what we will do as more data becomes available. In the meantime, we’re Inspired about Cincinnati in 2021!

If you have any questions or ideas, please don’t hesitate to reach out ( I look forward to seeing your Inspired ideas!


Debbie Ford
First Vice President & 2021 Primary Planner

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