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CSCA 2023 ... Health Comm Interest Group Meeting and Sessions

Hello Health Comm Interest Group (HCIG) Members,

I am looking forward to meeting you in St. Louis this week! See the HCIG schedule of events at CSCA.

Please join us for our business meeting on Thursday 12:30 PM to 1:45 PM CDT in Mills 1. We will have elections and make several announcements on what is going on within our division. See meeting documents here.

Elections - We will elect a new Vice Chair and Secretary at the meeting.. If you are interested in running for either position, please contact me before we vote at this meeting. We are also seeking interest for Paper Readers for CSCA 2024.   Please see below for more information on these positions.

Secretary: Shall serve a one-year term.

Duties include: record minutes of each interest group meeting and distribute minutes to membership via email (and on web in coordination with CSCA office) by June 30th ; preside at any meeting in the event both the Chair and Vice-Chair are absent; work with Chair in creating the newsletter; contact CSCA office (Executive Director and Office Staff) to obtain membership list, and then send list, newsletter (to include minutes) by February 15th to membership for upcoming annual meeting via email and have materials posted to website; distribute any correspondence sent from the Chair; prepare any historical documents and ask that they be posted to the website via CSCA office.

  1. a)Historical documents: documents may include a list of all panels and presenters of the Interest Group from the annual convention, list of members for that particular year, list of all offices and officers, minutes of meetings; photographs and any other written materials of interest.

 Vice Chair shall serve a three-year term.

  1. a)Year 1: Vice Chair of HCIG
  2. b)Year 2: Chair of HCIG
  3. c)Year 3: Chair of PR for HCIG

Duties as Vice Chair - preside at interest group meetings in absence of the Chair; responsible for revisions of bylaws; assist the Chair; assume the role of Chair the second year in office; serve as paper reader in first year of office; assumes role of Chair at annual business meeting; in second year; work with Secretary on matters of concern to the Chair; create a spotlight/highlight panel in first year of office in coordination with Chair (panel will not go through review process).

Duties as Chair - preside over business meetings; create the call for papers; coordinate with CSCA office (Executive Director and Office staff) to send out call for papers, obtaining membership list when necessary, and have materials posted to the Web (if not done by Secretary); responsible for program planning for the interest group’s annual convention to include identifying appropriate paper readers for reviewing materials; attend the program planners meeting held at the CSCA annual conference the year where he/she will assume Chair position (prior to conference planning year); prepare newsletter (along with the Secretary and Web Coordinator); assumes P.R. Chair position as immediate Past-Chair (see below).

Duties as Public Relations Chair (Immediate Past-Chair) - responsible for working with P.R. committee (made up of past Chairs of the Interest Group) to promote internal and external communication within the Interest Group; recruitment of new members via NCA listservs and other means; recruit donors for endowment fund; engage in other P.R. duties as necessary.

Paper Readers - responsible for reading and ranking/rating papers and panel proposals within the HCIG for the following year’s annual convention; responsible for being an objective reader and returning papers/panels with ideas to the interest group Chair within the time frame set forth by the Chair.

  1. a)Selection of Readers - paper readers to be selected at discretion of the Chair and based upon the number of submissions; members can volunteer at the annual business meeting or via electronic requests for volunteers; Chair can solicit names from that meeting list and from membership listserv; a few readers may be at Ph.D. graduate student level (though  no paper will be reviewed by more than one graduate student); all other readers must be Ph.D. complete; one reader is the Vice-Chair.


  1. a)The Chair will solicit nominations electronically prior to the annual meeting.
  2. b)The Chair shall request votes via electronic means, that ensure anonymity of voters, at least 10 working days prior to the annual meeting. Nominees receiving a simple majority of votes received will be elected.
  3. c)New officers will be announced at the annual meeting.

Health Communication Interest Group 

Chair: DeAnne Priddis, Middle Tennessee State University
Vice Chair: Sydney O'Shay, Utah State University
Secretary: Ashleigh M. Day, Northern Arizona University
PR Chair: Jenn Anderson, South Dakota State University

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