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CSCA 2024 - Communication and Technology Interest Group ...Call for Submissions


Call for Papers and Panels

Central States Communication Association (CSCA)

Annual Convention-Grand Rapids, Michigan

April 2-7, 2024

Incoherence: Failure, Futures, and Forgotten Messages

The Communication and Technology Interest Group invites submissions of competitive papers, extended abstracts, and panel proposals for the 2024 CSCA Convention. The purpose of the Communication and Technology Interest Group is to promote dialogue and scholarship on the role of technology in communication. In conjunction with the convention theme, we are seeking innovative and insightful research that explores how we use technology to narrate our identities, as well as the use of technology in perpetuating or rectifying inequalities. We also welcome submissions exploring how technology can inspire communicative breakthroughs as they pertain to all aspects of our field. 

We welcome submissions that deal with a variety of technology platforms/types (e.g., AI, robots, VR, AR, mobile phone, social media). We also welcome a diverse range of topics/contexts concerning technology including but not limited to the following: CMC (Computer-Mediated Communication), HMC (Human-Machine Communication), and technology in diverse communication contexts (e.g., health, interpersonal, organizational, education). All methodological approaches and perspectives are welcome, and we strongly encourage work addressing the uses and effects of communication technology within the conference theme (Incoherence: Failure, Futures, and Forgotten Messages).

The Communication & Technology Interest Group will accept the following submission types:

(1)    Full Papers

(2)    Extended Abstracts

(3)    Paper & Discussion Panels

Submission Details

Full Paper 

Extended Abstract

Paper & Discussion Panels


The Top Paper in the Communication and Technology Interest Group will be awarded with the ComBotLabs Award. The ComBotLabs Award is named after the Communication and Social Robotics Labs which consists of three lab directors: Drs. Autumn Edwards, Chad Edwards, and Patric Spence. Extended abstracts are not eligible for the award. 

Submission Logistics

To learn more about our Interest Group and engage in dialogues with members, join our Interest Group Facebook page. Please direct questions concerning the call to Dr. Riley Richards (, Chair and Planner for Communication and Technology Interest Group, CSCA 2024.

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