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CSCA 2024 - Communication Theory Interest Group (CTIG) ...Call for Submissions

Communication Theory Interest Group

Submission DEADLINE:  11:59 PM, CDT, October 7, 2023. 


Call for Papers and Panels

Central States Communication Association (CSCA)

Annual Convention-Grand Rapids, MI 

April 2 – 7, 2024 

Incoherent: Failures, and Forgotten Messages

The Communication Theory Interest Group (CTIG) invites submissions for the 2024 CSCA convention which will be held on April 2-7 in Grand Rapids, MI. CTIG understands communication theory in a very broad sense. If your paper uses communication theory, it is eligible for acceptance. Therefore, our interest group welcomes a range of topics and contexts. CTIG focuses on the development, comparison, extension, criticism, teaching, learning, empirical support for theory, and application of theory in communication research. We welcome a variety of formats including competitive papers and panels (e.g., paper panels, discussion panels, roundtable discussions/debates).

We especially encourage members to address issues related to the convention theme of Incoherent: Failures and Forgotten Messages and invite submissions that relate across interest groups. Our annual conference provides us an opportunity to pause, reflect, connect, and reconnect with each other and with what inspired us to choose these lives we lead. In terms of panels, preference will be given to those with presenters representing multiple institutions rather than a single institution. Graduate and undergraduate student submissions are greatly encouraged. 

The CTIG presents two awards with cash prizes and Awardees will be recognized during the CTIG Business Meeting.

General Guidelines for Submission

Papers: For the completed papers, include paper title, abstract, and main manuscript. Author names and any identifying information must be removed prior to submission. These papers will be considered for awards.

Extended Abstracts: For the papers in progress, include paper title and extended abstract in the maximum of 5 pages, including references, figures, and tables. Author names and any identifying information must be removed prior to submission. These papers will not be considered for awards.

Panels: Discussion and paper panel submissions must include the following: (a) title, (b) description (75 words or less), (c) rationale (75 words or less), and (d) a complete list of participants along with their institutional affiliations, contact information (address, e-mail, and telephone), and if they are CSCA members. Paper panels should also include titles and brief abstracts (100 words or less) for each paper. We are encouraging interactive panels that foster dialogue between presenters and audience.

Notes and Reminders

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