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CSCA Journal of Communication Pedagogy Call for Editor

CSCA - Call for Applications/Nominations

Journal of Communication Pedagogy, Editor


The Central States Communication Association (CSCA) is seeking nominations for the Editor of Journal of Communication Pedagogy, 2026-2028. The next editor responsible will begin with the volume published in 2026; this will necessitate a transition to the editorship and training in 2025. Self-nominations are encouraged. To be considered, nominees should be housed at a program that will offer the necessary support. 

Requirements and Responsibilities 

The Editor must be a member of CSCA at the time of application/nomination and must maintain membership in the Association throughout the editorial term. The Editor must attend all CSCA conventions throughout the term. Additional responsibilities include the following: 

Applications should include the following: 1) a letter of nomination/self-nomination describing the candidate’s qualifications and editorial philosophy, as well as declaring a willingness to serve as editor of the Journal of Communication Pedagogy (2026-2028); 2) current curriculum vitae with emphasis on scholarly activity and service to the profession; and 3) a letter of institutional support (noting such items as student assistance, course releases, and financial support, etc. as applicable). The deadline for submissions is October 1, 2024.

To learn more about the journal, please visit:

Pre-interviews with applicants/nominees and select members of the Executive Committee may occur virtually. Finalists for the position will interview with the entire Executive Committee during the 2024 National Communication Association Convention (Wednesday, November 20, 5-8 pm meeting block). Finalists for the position can select to interview virtually or in person because the meeting will be a hybrid meeting.

Please note that CSCA has made a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in its policies and practices. Applicants who demonstrate a respect for a wide range of scholarship and/or who can bring diverse and inclusive views to the journal and the Executive Committee are especially welcome. Additionally, applicants who can facilitate a transnational perspective on communication pedagogy within the journal are also welcome.

Applications and/or questions are to be submitted to CSCA President, Dr. Kathy Denker, via email ( by October 1, 2024.

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