Awards Program Overview

The Central States Communication Association is one of the top regional organizations in promoting all levels of scholarship and sponsors numerous outstanding research awards. In addition, because CSCA recognizes that there are varying types of scholarship and many stages in an academic's life, the organization also presents teaching awards as well as service awards.

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Please click on the award name for further information about a specific award.

2021 Calls will be posted in Fall 2020.

Auer Award

Beall Award

Becker Award

Braithwaite Award

Burrell Award

Calloway-Thomas Inclusivity Scholar Speaker Series Fund

Chesebro Award


Communication Studies Article of the Year Award

Cooper Award

Diamond Anniversary Award

Federation Prize

Founders Award

Friedrich Award

Griffin Award

Hall of Fame

Kay Award

Manning Award

Millar Award

Outstanding State Journal and Manuscript Award

Past Officers Graduate Student Debut Program Award

Pearson and Nelson Outstanding New Teacher Award

Skalski Award

Trent Award

Warren Mentorship Award