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The Executive Director is responsible for managing the organization. The current CSCA Executive Director is Dr. Jimmie Manning, Associate Professor of Communication Theory at Northern Illinois University. Professor Manning has been a member of CSCA since 1999 and active with the organization in many roles. General inquiries about the organization should be sent to him using the following contact information:

Jimmie Manning, Ph.D.
CSCA Executive Director
207 Watson Hall
Department of Communication - Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115


Job Announcement Policy

All colleges and universities who have a departmental membership are allowed to post job openings to the CSCA website free of charge. Other colleges and universities wishing to post job openings must pay a fee of $ 75.00. Job postings submitted must include instructions for an ending date of when they will be removed from the website. We will also send an e-bulletin to all CSCA members announcing the position or, if the advertiser prefers, send the ad only to specific interest groups or caucuses.

If you are interested in posting a job, you can send the ad directly to CSCA Executive Director Jimmie Manning and we can bill you for the $75.00 fee. If you would rather pursue a departmental membership, please visit our Department Members page for details.


Obituary Policy

All deceased members of the Central States Communication Association will be accorded an acknowledgement of their death upon submission of the information by a colleague. Any information about the death of a member should be communicated to the Executive Director for consideration for publication in the CSCA Newsletter and to be posted to the CSCA website. Unfortunately, due to staffing limitations, CSCA cannot be responsible for the content of the obituary.